she/her pronouns please!!

hello there i’m a high school senior with no practical life skills. i don’t even know why i have this blog all it does is aid in my perpetual downward spiral

i reblog lots of webcomics, cartoons, anime, and band stuff (mostly green day..)

occasionally i draw or cosplay and i post a lot of selfies and text posts

i also liveblog whenever i watch a new show (look on my tags page)

i’m generally pretty good about tagging everything, but if there’s anything else you’d like to see tagged, don’t hesitate to ask!!

here’s a more detailed explanation of my tagging system (DON’T LOOK AT ME that post is literally from a year ago but i don’t feel like retyping it)

i don’t follow back a whole lot (SORRY i’m following so many blogs already) but you can still talk to me if you want! however i must warn you that i am terrible at responding to asks in a timely manner

ok uhhh i guess that’s it!! thanks for checking out this here page

(p.s. if you draw me i will love you forever…)

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