So, in case you all lost track, here is an ordered list of all the medical stuff that’s happened to me in the past 2 weeks

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oh, one good thing happened today tho
We went to the park and i had a nice chat with a little boy i was swinging next to. He was very excited about how long his legs were getting, and we talked about how neither of us look our age (he was 6 and half but looked at least 8 and he thought i was 11)

Alright, I definitely know im getting better bc i have once again reached That Point where i am consuming full meals at 1am

the most important thing to come out of me and teresa’s hq headcanon session: middle school kuroo in trip pants

you know who should do a five nights at freddy’s playthrough
cr1tikal should do a five nights at freddy’s playthrough

ok I’ve gotten like 5 messages about 5 nights at freddy’s and all i gotta say is WHY

we can now add “some kind of ear infection” to my ever growing list of health issues